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Success Stories

Educating Girls Globally is all about project-based fundraising. Here are our completed projects to date:


Lilongwe Girls' School Security Wall

In 2014, EGG completed it's first project: a new security wall at Lilongwe Girls' School, in Malawi's capital city.

In 2013, Build A School had identified Lilongwe Girls’ School as being in desperate need of new facilities. In particular, a broken down security wall was allowing strangers to enter the school from off the busy street that ran alongside the school. The people entering the school were endangering the girls and vandalising school buildings and property.

EGG's first project, funded by it's fundraising efforts of 2013, was to re-build the inadequate security wall. The new wall means the girls are safe and at ease whilst at school, as well as having greater privacy and less distractions. The school buildings are harder for strangers to access, meaning the facilities are not abused by passersby. This has provided an environment more conducive to learning.


Lilongwe Girls' School Toilet Block

EGG recognised that at Lilongwe Girls' School, one of the largest barriers to achieving an education was the limited and unsanitary access to toilets. Girls would spend all day queuing for the toilet instead of being in class, or they would not turn up to school at all.

EGG built two pit latrine toilet blocks (of 4 toilets each) at the school. The toilets are sanitary, require very little maintenance or on-going costs, and have reduced waiting time for the girls. Each cubicle is lockable, ensuring privacy for the girls.


Kabuthu Secondary School Girls' Hostel

EGG's largest project to date saw the construction of a girls’ boarding hostel at Kabuthu Community Day Secondary School, for 40 female students. The girls’ previous living conditions were extremely poor. They slept cramped on the floor of tiny, leaky, unsanitary huts. They lived in close quarters with animals and felt unsafe using the inadequate bathroom facilities at night.


The construction of this hostel is a significant improvement on the previous facilities, providing a safer, more hygienic and comfortable living space for the pupils. It allows the girls to live and study together, right on the school's campus.

The girls have moved into the hostel, and each have a bunk bed and share communal living, cooking and washing spaces. They are comfortable, safe, and close to school. Enrolment for the girls at the school has increased greatly since the hostel construction began.

We see the completion of this hostel as a symbol for the determination to educate and empower girls. It is a reminder to the girls and the community of Kabuthu that girls' education is valued.


Dzaleka Refugee Camp Classrooms

In mid-2018, we completed the construction of two small classrooms at Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi. Dzaleka Refugee Camp is home to some 35,000 people, and educational resources are few and far between. We wanted to improve the educational outcomes for the children, and fundraised enough to build two small classrooms to accomodate for up to 70 children. The barriers to education are especially high for refugee children, and we hope that this project will enable greater opportunities for children who otherwise would not be attending school. A critical part of this project involved working with people inside the camp, and utlising refugee builders, carpenters and teachers. This project is one which was made by and for the whole Dzaleka community.


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