Ryan's hair-shave fundraiser!

We were so grateful to have Ryan Tonkin shave his hair recently as a fundraiser for EGG.

Having grown his hair out for two years, Ryan set himself the challenge of shaving his head and at the same time, raising money for our charity. He set his goal at $3,000; claiming he would go “full EGG head” if he reached this sum. In addition, the hair was donated to Freedom Wigs, a New Zealand based charity which gives wigs to cancer patients.

Incredibly, thanks to many donations from generous donors, Ryan surpassed his own goal, and managed to raise over $4,000. Ryan said “Most of us take our high school education for granted, I know I certainly did. In Sub-Saharan Africa 39% of girls never go to secondary school, and 61% don’t finish. Educating Girls Globally is working hard to improve these stats.”

The funds raised by Ryan and his generous donors will be going towards the construction of an extension to the girls’ hostel we built late 2017 in rural Malawi. Since the hostel was built, the role for girls at the school has increased dramatically and each term, families queue to try to get their girls a spot in the hostel. With limited options for girls’ education in rural parts of Malawi, often boarding at a school is the only way for students to receive an education.

Many thanks to Ryan for his meaningful contribution to EGG’s mission. Through his effort, we will continue to raise the standard of, and access to, girls’ education globally.

Lucy TothillComment