Educating Girls and St. Cuthbert's College

In August, we were excited to be asked to speak to the year 8 girls at St. Cuthbert's College about our charity and the importance of girls' education ion the developing world. The girls at St. Cuthbert's had been studying the effect of educating girls and had been watching the film 'Girl Rising' as part of their topical studies. 

On the 15th of August, EGG went along to the school to present about the projects it has done to enable girls' education globally, and to explain the impact those projects have had on the lives of girls in Malawi. The presentation was followed by question time, and we were blown away by the interest and compassion evident in the questions of the students. 

The year 8 students loved hearing about EGG, and we are excited to announce a partnership between EGG and St. Cuthbert's, with the girls pledging to fundraise at some point this year for EGG. We hope that this will be an ongoing partnership, and we look forward to fostering a great relationship with this school and their young leaders for years to come. 

Thank you so much to St. Cuthbert's College for the warm welcome, for introducing us to their stellar young leaders, and for allowing us to share our story and create a new partnership with them. We look forward to changing the lives of girls worldwide with you!

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