It's official: EGG is now a registered charity!

We are tremendously excited to announce that Educating Girls Globally is now a New Zealand registered charity!! We have been working hard behind the scenes to register EGG and are so pleased that the work has paid off.

Some of you will know of our efforts to make EGG more "official" over the past few years. We believe that recognition of our organisation as a charity will provide greater credibility, and a range of benefits for both us and our donors. Charity status will allow us to apply for grants and be searchable on the NZ Charities Register. You can find us on the register by following this link.

We are excited to share this milestone with you all, and look forward to what we can achieve now that we have reached it. There is much we can do to become a better, more efficient charity, so if you have any suggestions or want to become involved with what we do, please get in touch!


Lucy TothillComment