Dzaleka Refugee Camp Classroom Project

Educating Girls Globally was excited to announce late last year that we are funding the construction of two classrooms at Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi. The project has been made possible with the help of our trusted partner organisation, Build A School, who continue to keep us updated on the construction.

EGG's co-founders, Lucy and Gussie, visited Dzaleka Refugee Camp last year. They recognised the need for better educational facilities at the camp, given the huge demand and lack of supply of classroom and teaching resources. By working with Build A School, who are based in Malawi, and with the teachers at the refugee camp, we will be able to create a project that will benefit the entire community.

We were lucky enough to have a site and foundations already available for this project, thanks to a local donor who began work there and could not complete their own project. Because of this, our costs have been low and some of the work has already been started. Regardless, a special thanks is due to all those who have contributed to the funding of this project, and a special thanks to Penrhos College for their kind donation. 

We hope that this project will provide a centre for education and entertainment for the children of the camp, but we also hope that it will provide purpose and hope for the teachers, parents and labourers who build it. We believe that every child has the right to learn and be empowered, regardless of his or her circumstances. We look forward to seeing the completion of this project, and sharing that with you.

The photos below show the progress of the construction project at the camp (materials have been supplied and walls have gone up!), as well as some of the children who will benefit from the completion of this project. 


Lucy TothillComment