Dzaleka Classroom Project: Update

We are excited to bring you photo updates from the Dzaleka Refugee Camp! The most recent photos show that construction of the classrooms at the camp, funded by EGG, have come along well. The walls have gone up, and the roofs have been built, too (see photos below).

We are relieved that the roofing has gone on, given that it is currently the rainy season in Malawi. The annual rains are welcomed by the many farmers and rural communities in Malawi, but they can slow (or totally put a halt to) construction efforts! 

It is exciting that the children of Dzaleka Refugee Camp will soon have a roof over their heads in rainy seasons to come, and a place to learn and be children together. Many of the refugees at the camp have fled horrific or traumatic conditions, and we hope that the school will be a place of safety and empowerment for the children. 

As always, thank you to Build A School, and to our wonderful community for supporting this project. Thanks for reading, and be sure to return here for more updates and news soon!

Lucy TothillComment