Kabuthu Girls' Hostel: PHASE 2!

We are excited to share with you some BIG NEWS! We are pleased to bring you our latest project here at EGG. About this time last year, we built a girls’ boarding hostel at Kabuthu Community Day Secondary School - a secondary school in rural Malawi. When the hostel was constructed, we dreamed of eventually extending it in order to accomodate the increasing role of girls at the school.

Well, that day has come! Thanks to our kind and generous donors, we have been able to start construction on a kitchen space attached to the hostel. This is the beginning of our Phase 2 expansion to the hostel which will eventually enable MORE girls to live comfortably in our special girls’ hostel! The next stages will require the construction of two more dormitories (each accomodating 10 more girls), and an extension of the existing roof over those rooms and the common living space.

Phase 2 has just begun, and we are so excited to share more updates with you as they come. Stay tuned!

Photos below depict the school, and the placement of the kitchen on the girls’ hostel.

Lucy TothillComment