Updates from Kabuthu

We have been excited to receive news that the new girls’ boarding hostel, which completed construction late last year, is proving to be a success. The girls of Kabuthu Community Secondary School moved into the hostel in October, after the finishing touches were made to the new building, and bunk beds delivered.

A message from the Headmaster of the school (Ephraim Chizinga) confirmed recently that the girls are very happy with their new home, and that they are already finding it much easier to study and concentrate on their work which is great news. At EGG, we are relieved and excited to know the girls are settling in well. We are also excited to know that since the project was announced,  and construction began at the school, the roll for girls has increased. We had hoped the project would be a symbol for girls' education, and we are enormously grateful that the community has received it as such. It is heartwarming to see that the community and families of Kabuthu see their girls as investments for the future, and worthy of education. 

Once again, a huge thank you is owed to everybody who has supported this project, from start to finish. If you donated money, time, or words of support for this project, we are enormously grateful.

There is the potential to add to the existing site, with future plans to add a Phase Two to the girls' hostel. The development would enable a further 20 girls to be accomodated, and would improve and extend the kitchen and living facilities, making the hostel more comfortable and sustainable for the girls. Watch this space for news and updates!

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