Bunk beds under construction!

As the finishing touches go on the girls' hostel at Kabuthu, our carpenters are busy making the bunk beds to furnish it! Check out the photos below of the bunk beds coming together. We cannot wait to see the bunks built and the hostel completed ready for the girls to move into and make their home. 

Ann Page, our Build A School correspondent, had this to say about the final steps to completing the building: "It’s all very industrious here in Lilongwe at the moment whilst we’re waiting for the finishes to be done on the girl’s hostel!  As we speak the carpenters are at Tsang’oma busy working on the bunk beds and the boys are out sourcing/shopping for the bales of sheets/blankets at the markets and for the mattresses...As soon as the construction of the beds has been completed we will transport them to site at Kabuthu together with the beddings and check that we are satisfied with the final finishes/completion of the hostel."

Thank you once again to our generous sponsors of this project. We look forward to updating you again soon!

Lucy TothillComment