EGGs Factor Fundraiser!

On the 11th of August, St Margaret's College in Christchurch held an EGGs Factor Concert fundraiser, with all proceeds going towards Educating Girls Globally. Here is what St Margaret's College Arts leaders, Nina Hogg and Sammy McDonnell, said about the night:

On Friday the 11th of August, St. Margaret’s College held their biggest bi-annual fundraiser for E.G.G., the teacher talent quest ‘Eggs Factor’. Each of the thirteen acts were solo, duo and group performances by teachers of SMC and were mentored by girls (from the Arts Council) specialising in each of the required artistic fields ranging from standup comedy to lip-syncs and cornet playing. The mentoring period was 4 weeks to get acts “show ready” consisting of many practises, tech runs and dress rehearsals with amazing dedication from both the performers and their mentors. The project was organised and run by Caroline Pine and Sinead Mitchell (founders of EggsFactor), Sammy McDee and Nina Hogg (Co-Heads of Arts) and Mary Davidson (Arts Facilitator) with help from the E.G.G Committee run by Ella Wells and Georgia Lund (Head and Deputy Girls) and Head of Global Relations Nicolette Oosterhuis, all of whom put in hours of effort and enthusiasm to get the event off the ground.

In total 720 tickets were sold for Eggsfactor 2017, so many that even with adding rows of pews on the stage the entire evening was oversold with some of the audience sitting on stairways or standing just to watch. The tickets alone raised $7200 and with the ice creams, E.G.G. badges and raffles sold on the night the total is estimated to be around $8000. The performances were bold, courageous, beautiful and hilarious, providing entertainment enjoyed by all ages, from Year 1 to Old Girls and reviews to match. We applaud all of the performers who participated to raise money for E.G.G. and thank them for their bravery and selflessness to get up on stage and step far out of their comfort zone. The night was something amazing to be a part of, full of laughter, cheering and joy all united around the passion for female empowerment and girls’ education. St. Margaret’s hopes to continue hosting these events given the success of the fundraiser and the ability to bring a community together.


Educating Girls Globally would like to thank the St. Margaret's College for their generous support.

Lucy Tothill