Kabuthu Girls' Hostel Update

We are excited to share some recent photos of the progress made on the construction site of the girls' boarding hostel at Kabuthu. This project has been funded 100% by EGG, and is our biggest project yet. The hostel is nearing completion, with the girls of Kabuthu Community Day School due to move in later this month, at the beginning of their new school term. 

This boarding hostel will allow up to forty girls to live close by to the school whilst they receive an education there. Currently, many of the girls have to walk up to 8 kilometres to school each day, in order to avoid renting rooms close by. Others lodge with families living near the school, but the conditions they live in are severely inadequate. 

We are excited that the girls will be able to live together as a group, safe and comfortable as they receive their high school education. The principal of the school has said that since construction started for the hostel, the enrolment of girls at the school has already increased. We look forward to seeing the impact the finished building will have on the education of girls in this area. Thank you to all who have donated funds for this project!

Lucy TothillComment