Hostel beds on the road

We were excited to hear from Ann Page (Build A School) recently that the bunk beds for the girls' hostel at Kabuthu have been constructed, and are now being transported to the hostel site. This is one of the final touches crucial for the completion of the hostel, and we are now getting agonisingly close to moving the girls into their new home!

The carpenters built the 20 bunk beds (to sleep 40 girls) at T'sangoma, near the Build A school headquarters. A warm thank you to Mr Grieve Massa who accommodated the beds in his backyard as they were being built! The beds were then cut in half for transport (and will be joined again once inside the boarding house!). 

Check out the photos below to see them being transported on the back of the truck. A huge thank you to everyone who has donated money for these bunks, and to the Build A School staff who went out and purchased the bedding! 

Lucy TothillComment